Release Date: December 15, 2017
Expires: December 15, 2018

Buy More Health, not More Healthcare


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Medical costs are the tapeworm of American economic competitiveness,”
Warren Buffet

Health­care spend­ing is unsus­tain­able

  • Total­ing more than $3 tril­lion in 2015, health­care costs were 18% of GDP, up from 5% in 1960. Almost 1/3 is esti­mat­ed to be waste.
  • The aver­age pre­mi­um for a fam­i­ly of 4 is about $20,000 in 2016, 2.4 times high­er than it was in 2010, while deductibles rose 6 – 7 times faster than wages.
  • Med­ical errors are the 3rd lead­ing cause of death in the Unit­ed States and cost upwards of $2 bil­lion a year.

Increas­ing costs and erod­ing qual­i­ty. What if you ran your busi­ness like health­care? Do you apply the same prin­ci­ples to pur­chas­ing health­care as you do for the rest of your sup­ply chain?

What you can do

Health­care must move from vol­ume to val­ue. Only employ­er pur­chasers have the pow­er and incen­tive to demand more val­ue from health­care spend­ing.

This brief course will illu­mi­nate the ways that health­care mar­ket incen­tives work against employ­ers and employ­ees result­ing in an unsus­tain­able growth tra­jec­to­ry. This course empow­ers you to begin the jour­ney to more proac­tive pur­chas­ing of high val­ue health­care.

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