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Learn more about how to purchase health benefits that result in better health for employees and dependents for less money.

Show Me the Money … Why You Need an All-Payer Claims Database

As pur­chasers we deserve to know how much health­care ser­vices will cost. Whether it is a true cost, a nego­ti­at­ed cost, or the medi­an cost, that infor­ma­tion should be read­i­ly avail­able. Only 17 states have All-Pay­er Claims Data­base (APCD), tools that aggre­gate, ana­lyze, and pub­licly report paid claims from health plans, Medicare, Med­ic­aid, and third-par­ty admin­is­tra­tors. This is essen­tial infor­ma­tion but noth­ing will change if the employ­ers and con­sumers con­tin­ue to allow these charges and pay these fees with­out ques­tion or con­text.
Learn more about APCDs and how to use them. (Click on the map for the sta­tus of the APCD in your state.)

Knowing versus Doing: Healthcare decisions are hard

We all know that health­care is com­pli­cat­ed. Even folks who know the indus­try strug­gle to make good deci­sions about where to go and what treat­ment to have. Whether it’s a lack of price or qual­i­ty trans­paren­cy, or sim­ply being at our most vul­ner­a­ble, there are real and sig­nif­i­cant bar­ri­ers to get­ting the right care at the right price.

HR Corner: Time for a Health Benefits Administration Career Ladder

Who admin­is­ters con­tracts for bil­lions of dol­lars each year and cov­ers health­care ben­e­fits for over 150 mil­lion Amer­i­cans? Health ben­e­fits admin­is­tra­tion man­agers and exec­u­tives do. What skills and expe­ri­ence is need­ed to man­age this increas­ing­ly unsus­tain­able bud­get item. Employ­ers are in the health­care busi­ness and need the exper­tise in house to admin­is­ter health­care ben­e­fits.